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2015 Lexus LX570 Short Take Review

The 2015 Lexus LX570 is essentially the luxury version of the venerable Toyota Land Cruiser, whose off road prowess is legendary all over the world.  Luckily the essence of the car isn’t spoiled but actually extended by the Lexus version.  The first big plus is air suspension- the addition of this adds a level of civility and comfort usually reserved for much less capable vehicles.

Locking differentials all around mean this thing still can get down and dirty if you need to, and the air suspension can lift the truck to clear all but the tallest of obstacles.  The 383 horsepower V8 never has any trouble pulling this truck along, probably due to it’s 403 pound feet of torque.  The 5.7 engine sounds great and is never too loud.  The luxury appointments are quite nice, with comfortable seating for 7, rear entertainment system, power folding rear seats, heated second row, and heated and coolest first row seats, there’s definitely luxury to go around.

On road manners are good, a bit soft as one would expect, but surprisingly agile for such a huge vehicle.  While I didn’t have a chance to test this truck off road, I’m confident with its ground clearance and off-road features it would do very well.  It has locking differentials and adjustable suspension, as well as a live axle rear end.  Even with the more street oriented tires, I’m sure the Lexus would handle whatever nature throws at it

The price for all this?  Around $90,000.  Not bad when you think about just how capable and large the 2015 Lexus LX570 is, and the luxury doesn’t hurt either.  Make no mistake though, this is a body-on-frame truck, not a crossover meant for traversing mall parking lots and never getting dirty.  This thing can rock in the mud and still keep you in perfect comfort, and for that it definitely earns my respect.


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2015 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Road Test Review

To really understand how iconic the 2015 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is, you need to trace it to it’s roots.  In 1979, Mercedes-Benz created the Geländewagen for civilian use.  Though development started in 1972 at the suggestion of a Mercedes stockholder to create a military vehicle, the civilian version had locking differentials and a very off-road worthy frame.  And over 30 years later, all G-wagens still do.  So what’s it like driving this icon?

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2015 Toyota 4Runner Trail Road Test Review

The 2015 Toyota 4Runner Trail is in rare company-  With FJ Cruiser production coming to an end, it’s one of the only modestly sized body-on-frame SUVs out there.  I can’t think of many other than the Jeep Wrangler.  Make no mistake- this is a truck.  With crossovers becoming so much more mainstream and capable off road trucks disappearing, how does the 4runner fare in everyday driving?  Is it still relevant?  I think so.

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LR4 Grille Featured Image

2015 Land Rover LR4 Road Test Review

If you’ve been a Blog of Speed reader for any length of time, you already know I love to take SUVs and trucks (and Subarus) I get off-road at the first opportunity.  This Land Rover LR4 was a bit of an exception- it looked so good I didn’t want to get it dirty.  Does that mean it’s any less amazing off road?  Probably not, but I’ll let other people talk about how this three row British SUV handles the roads less travelled.  In my all-too-short week with the LR4, I had just enough time to test highway and city comfort with a variety of passengers and cargo.  Is this luxury SUV king of the hill?

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In the Man Cave: Jason’s 94 Jeep Wrangler

“In the Man Cave” will be our continually updated piece about what’s going on in the Blog of Speed warehouse affectionately known as the man cave.

Here we have Jason’s 1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ.  The Jeep came to us about 4-6″ higher and was previously used as a mud truck.  It has ’79 Bronco axles in it, Dana 44 in the front, and the venerable Ford 9″ in the back.  Though it was tedious getting most of the 50+lbs of mud out of the Jeep (I’m not exaggerating either!), the results are more than worth it.  The bottom and interior tub were Raptor Lined for durability and rust prevention, and the jeep was treated to a fresh frame off restoration, along with refurbishment of nearly every system.  The frame rails and interior components were painted and freshened, all bushings and bearings replaced, and the body pulled, welded, sanded, and refreshed.  Basically the goal was to make a new (within reason) 94 Jeep on 37″ tires.  We’re almost there.

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2013 Range Rover Evoque
2013 Range Rover Evoque

Just don’t call it a crossover: 2013 Range Rover Evoque Road Test


2013 Range Rover Evoque

So the first question that comes to mind when hearing that the 2013 Range Rover Evoque has been designed with the help of Victoria Beckham: is this a real Range Rover or just another crossover pretender?  The short answer: It’s a Range Rover through and through.  though I’ll go into detail a little later on. – Read More –