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2015 Land Rover LR4 Road Test Review

If you’ve been a Blog of Speed reader for any length of time, you already know I love to take SUVs and trucks (and Subarus) I get off-road at the first opportunity.  This Land Rover LR4 was a bit of an exception- it looked so good I didn’t want to get it dirty.  Does that mean it’s any less amazing off road?  Probably not, but I’ll let other people talk about how this three row British SUV handles the roads less travelled.  In my all-too-short week with the LR4, I had just enough time to test highway and city comfort with a variety of passengers and cargo.  Is this luxury SUV king of the hill?

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2013 Range Rover Evoque
2013 Range Rover Evoque

Just don’t call it a crossover: 2013 Range Rover Evoque Road Test


2013 Range Rover Evoque

So the first question that comes to mind when hearing that the 2013 Range Rover Evoque has been designed with the help of Victoria Beckham: is this a real Range Rover or just another crossover pretender?  The short answer: It’s a Range Rover through and through.  though I’ll go into detail a little later on. – Read More –