Lamborghini Aventador Roadsters

In a lovely press event, Lamborghini brought several Aventador Roadsters to the Miami airport for some high speed parade runs.  Nice press  for some cool photos, but really?  The problem I have with the Aventador Roadster is the fact that the top is quite a pain to put on, just like the Murcielago Roadster before it.  (edit: Oops, Lamborghini fixed it so it doesn’t take 10 minutes anymore, but it’s still not automatic) I know you might be thinking, if you have the money and so on and so forth, but seriously?  For that much money I want a car that can do it ALL, at the push of a button.  I drove the Aventador a while ago, and while it was amazingly fast, the interior wasn’t filled with premium materials, and the transmission was positively daft and lethargic around town.  In an age filled with smooth and sultry dual clutch transmissions, why did Lamborghini make the ONLY transmission option on its flagship model a clunky single clutch automated gearbox?  Bottom line for me:  If you give me a single clutch, give me three pedals.  If it’s a dual clutch, I can deal with it.  But at this price point, it’s a crime not to give the customer a choice.  Just my $.02