The motor is in!  After lots of figuring, moving, tweaking, and hardware store runs, the LS3 is in it’s resting place.  And it looks fantastic.

Swapping motors in and out is always a challenge with respect to mounts. You have a 400-600lb motor/transmission combo hanging from an engine hoist (that is usually not so awesomely balanced), and need to put two bolts into EXACTLY where they go. Fun right? Took a while. The Quick Time bellhousing went on without a hitch with the proper pilot bearing. Of note: Corvette pilot bearings are not the same as Camaro/GTO/other pilot bearings. Ugh, Corvettes haunting me still (I’ll get into that at a later date…).


So here it is.  I think it fits better than the stock 6 cylinder did to be honest.  We were planning on using the stock AC lines but they’re about a foot too long, so we’re going to shorten (or re-make) the lines and try to adapt the BMW AC compressor to the LS mounts.  Tells you how much further the motor is back in the chassis!  I’m excited!  More updates coming soon.