Lexus did it again.  The 2013 Lexus ES350 is by far and away one of the most useful and comfortable midsize sedans on the market today.  Why is this car such a great choice for the midsize luxury buyer?  Read on and find out.


The exterior is no slouch, with conservative yet slightly aggressive styling all around.  It’s never offensive or brash, and this approach continues into the luxuriously appointed interior.  The seats and surfaces are of high quality and quite comfortable for long periods.  This particular model wasn’t a very highly optioned one either- so rest assured even the base model is still a true Lexus.  The gauge cluster is well laid out, easy to read, and informative without being overly flashy like some are today.  The infotainment system is typical Lexus- simply laid out icons that are easily accessible from the small joystick-turned-trackpad on the center console, which, of course, is wrapped in stitched leather.  The wood and leather steering wheel feels just right in the hand: perfectly sized and comfortable to use.  It’s a conservative and elegant interior to say the least.


The engine is a glorious, tried and true dual-overhead-cam V6 with a modest 268hp, connected to a six speed automatic transmission.  This combination flat out works.  It’s torquey, enjoyable, and recorded a very impressive 0-60mph run of 7.4 seconds.  Consider that this front wheel drive car isn’t exactly designed for launching, and you quickly realize the ES350 has great acceleration and effortless passing power.  The car just keeps pulling all the way up to faster-than-highway speeds!  The ride is smooth, comfortable, and has just a touch of sport in it as to make the driver feel more connected to the road.

Overall, my week with the 2013 ES350 was great.  This car can seat 5 in comfort, has an absolutely cavernous trunk, and is just so pleasant to drive and to live with.  At no point did I feel stressed or bothered by the car in any way. It did what I wanted with a serenity and poise few cars can match.  It fits the bill for a great midsize sedan with no rough spots or caveats.  Truly one of the best mainstream cars available, very good in really every way.  At just over $40,000 as tested, this mid size phenom is a heavyweight when it comes to value.  Lexus, you continue to exceed my expectations.  Keep it up!