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Should I buy or lease my next car? Tips for making the right decision.

The most common question I get asked after “What’s your favorite car?” undoubtedly is “should I buy or lease my car?”  The answer?  To quote my most entertaining school professor Ramon Febus “It depends.”  In this article, I’ll attempt to go over the factors that influence buying versus leasing.  While I don’t claim to be an expert on finance, I have looked at long term cost of leasing versus financing in many cases, and can give you some advice on how to make the right decision.

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And I’m Officially Jealous: Driving 50 Years of Porsche

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do, but I love what Autoblog does even more.  The Autoblog staff got to drive a properly amazing group of cars.  A single Porsche 911 is great, driving all generations of this iconic car is just euphoria.  Click the link to read the full article.  Keep up the good work Autoblog!

Porsche Museum drive courtesy of Autoblog

Porsche Museum drive courtesy of Autoblog

Latest Update! We’re on Instagram @BlogofSpeed

Hey Guys,
Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I’ve started back at school to finish up my degree. GO CANES! I’m loving my classes and learning even more to make better stories, pictures, and fantastic video features for you guys. The M3 is WELL on its way to to being completed. Exhaust is done, hopefully wiring it up tomorrow and getting it on the road. Need to go over everything one more time with some blue locktite and make sure everything is on very well. The car should be nasty. It already sounds the part. The only fabrication and wiring left are the radiator fan (Volvo V70), one more vacuum line, and the intake and MAF mount. Things are coming along for sure.

Our Project YJ Jeep Wrangler has gone to paint and is looking amazing already, expect a photo shoot to match the size and scope of the rig. We’ve also added a new project to the stable, a 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle! Expect some really cool things from it. I’m excited for my first aircooled car. Hopefully it leads to a Porsche eventually. Even the beetle is designed so brilliantly with little touches all over. When I’m finished welding and fixing the pan I’ll show you guys! For now that’s it, but expect a few reviews soon: The 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport, the 2013 Lexus ES350, and the 2014 Chevrolet Traverse. Good things! I hope all of you are doing as well as I am. Until next time! Enjoy!

Lamborghini invades Miami Airport, and why I don’t care.


Lamborghini Aventador Roadsters

In a lovely press event, Lamborghini brought several Aventador Roadsters to the Miami airport for some high speed parade runs.  Nice press  for some cool photos, but really?  The problem I have with the Aventador Roadster is the fact that the top is quite a pain to put on, just like the Murcielago Roadster before it.  (edit: Oops, Lamborghini fixed it so it doesn’t take 10 minutes anymore, but it’s still not automatic) I know you might be thinking, if you have the money and so on and so forth, but seriously?  For that much money I want a car that can do it ALL, at the push of a button.  I drove the Aventador a while ago, and while it was amazingly fast, the interior wasn’t filled with premium materials, and the transmission was positively daft and lethargic around town.  In an age filled with smooth and sultry dual clutch transmissions, why did Lamborghini make the ONLY transmission option on its flagship model a clunky single clutch automated gearbox?  Bottom line for me:  If you give me a single clutch, give me three pedals.  If it’s a dual clutch, I can deal with it.  But at this price point, it’s a crime not to give the customer a choice.  Just my $.02


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