To really understand how iconic the 2015 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is, you need to trace it to it’s roots.  In 1979, Mercedes-Benz created the Geländewagen for civilian use.  Though development started in 1972 at the suggestion of a Mercedes stockholder to create a military vehicle, the civilian version had locking differentials and a very off-road worthy frame.  And over 30 years later, all G-wagens still do.  So what’s it like driving this icon?

First of all, it looks awesome, like a huge tonka truck.  The galvanized steel body means everything is heavy and closes with authority I’ve not seen this side of a bank vault.  The doors close with a thud, and the door locks sound like they could keep out just about anything.  The interior is very luxurious, but things like cupholders are an afterthought and just bolted on.  That being said, the heated and cooled seats are very comfortable, and the truck has amazing headroom.  The suede headliner is a beautiful touch, and the materials feel premium.  The steel sunroof has a vault like feel as well, and the whole truck just feels impossible to destroy.

The infotainment system is quite good, and pretty easy to use, although a touchscreen interface would make sense given where the screen sits.  The stereo system sounds very good, and the navigation shows street names of the next cross street- a really great feature when you’re not sure where you are.  Speaking of center console, the front, center, and rear locking differential buttons are located here- though this truck has street tires, I have no doubt it could go off road with the best of them.

Driving impressions- this thing is solid, but due to the solid axles front and rear, ride quality is not perfect, but isn’t bad either.  The truck is definitely not a mall crawler made to look like it can go off road- the suspension and chassis are made to go in the dirt and aren’t perfectly compliant on the pavement.  The truck is downright FAST for something this big.  536hp twin turbo V8 means this truck is as fast as many sports cars.  The side-pipe exhaust sounds absolutely ridiculous in a good way, the truck sounds mean and angry and the V8 roars like few other cars or trucks.  The only downside to all this bad-assery is fuel mileage.  I couldn’t get more than 11mpg out of this bruiser, but I doubt most people looking at a $130,000+ SUV really are looking to save on gas.  But hey it’s fun and sounds great, and is built to stop anything short of a tank so I’ll cut it some slack.

All in all, this 2015 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is an absolute icon.  It looks awesome, is absurdly fast, and feels ultra high quality.  It’s definitely a great go-anywhere, get-shot-at-by-anything vehicle.  I get it, this truck is just bad ass.  It’s not made for comfort, handling, or all out speed, but it’s one hell of a truck.  It’s like an S-class and a Panzer tank had a lovechild, and I’m happy it exists.

Vehicle provided by Mercedes-Benz.