If you’ve been a Blog of Speed reader for any length of time, you already know I love to take SUVs and trucks (and Subarus) I get off-road at the first opportunity.  This Land Rover LR4 was a bit of an exception- it looked so good I didn’t want to get it dirty.  Does that mean it’s any less amazing off road?  Probably not, but I’ll let other people talk about how this three row British SUV handles the roads less travelled.  In my all-too-short week with the LR4, I had just enough time to test highway and city comfort with a variety of passengers and cargo.  Is this luxury SUV king of the hill?

My first impression of the LR4 was fantastic.  The truck I tested was metallic white with the Black Design Pack, which includes gloss black 20″ wheels, black emblems, side grilles, roof rails, front grille, and door handles.  The LR4 looks absolutely fantastic and I got a ton of compliments everywhere I went.  The interior is quite nice, with stitched leather and premium materials everywhere.  The easy to read and use instrument cluster is far simpler than some competitors, with a distinct lack of unnecessary features.  The optional Meridian audio system sounds great, and the control and infotainment are clean and easy to use as well.  There are physical buttons for functions as well as steering wheel controls which are straightforward and feel natural to use.   The self-hiding shifter wheel is a nice touch, and familiar to anyone who has spent time in recent Jaguar/Land Rover vehicles.


The seating position is truly unique.  The driver and passenger sit high in the vehicle with commanding views of the road.  While a bit odd at first, it seems natural after just a small amount of time behind the wheel.  There is still plenty of headroom whilst giving the front seat passengers the perfect view: the ends of the hood are easy to see and place whether in traffic or navigating a rocky trail.  Confidence is the best word to describe what this provides.  Really and truly, I’ve not experienced another vehicle that gives the driver this viewpoint in such comfort.  The rear seats are quite comfortable for full-size adults as well, with an equally commanding view of the road.  In fact, the third row seats feel like stadium seating.

Speaking of comfort, ride quality is superb.  It’s soft and well damped, but never harsh.  The vehicle does exhibit some body roll, but it never feels out of control or top-heavy: a feat for a truck this tall.  Potholes and expansion joints go by with barely a shudder, and the all wheel drive system always inspires confidence.  The 340HP 3 Liter supercharged V6 provides ample passing power and is exemplified by it’s torque.  It has torque literally everywhere and pulls this 7 passenger SUV with authority.  Passing power is quite good.  The 8-speed transmission shifts smoothly and nicely, and is never jarring.

LR4 Off Road, image from Land Rover

LR4 Off Road, image from Land Rover

All-in-all, the 2015 Land Rover LR4 is a fantastic luxury SUV that anyone would be lucky to own.  Between my experience with this and the Evoque, I can’t wait to test more Land Rover vehicles in the future.  The brand has always stood for luxury and off-road capability, but the latest models really shine.  My wife absolutely loved the LR4 as well.  If our opinions are any indication, Land Rover has another winner on their hands.  Until the next review!