I’ve always been a fan of the Infiniti G series, so it wasn’t a shock that I was excited to see a 2015 Infiniti Q60S in my driveway one Friday.  With a manual transmission, naturally.  While Infiniti’s new naming conventions confuse me, did the name change dilute what already was a good sports car?  Hardly.

Many have said the G37S, and now the Q60S are M3 competitors, but for me they are a different species now.  While the M3 went on its way to forced induction, the Infiniti stays pure and simple, with it’s sublime sounding VQ37VHR engine coming this time with 330hp.  Want an automatic Q60S?  Sorry.  The S is for those who want to row their own gears.  The 6 speed manual transmission is a joy, with a smooth and precise feel.  In a world of heavier and more disconnected sports cars, the Q60S is a revelation.  Sport mode?  Not here.  Throttle response is linear and the engine always feels eager without feeling jumpy.  Traction control got you down?  Press one button and it turns off.

The suspension is just taut enough to be sporty but not enough to be jarring.  It exemplifies the whole car.  Everything in the Q60S is refined, enjoyable, and direct.  The steering weight is near perfect and is always linear, the handling characteristics are very neutral.  I found myself smiling with the windows down as I drove through Miami’s network of switchbacks and bridges, the Q60S ready for whatever I asked of it.  It’s one of those rare cars that is as confident carving through turns and apexes as it is just loafing along in traffic.

The stereo was good, but honestly I didn’t have it on most of the time.  The VQ37VHR V6 in this car is absolutely symphonic.  Just listening to it never gets old.  The interior is very comfortable, with its leather seats giving just the right amount of bolstering without getting too snug for long trips.  Build and finish quality is very good.  My wife definitely approved of the comfort in this one.

The best part of the car?  It feels analog.  You’re in control.  While many cars have fancy electronics to make them function, the Infiniti is pretty old-school in that regard:  Row your own gears, no drive modes needed, just get in the car and drive.  Fancy differential settings?  Nope.  Just a traditional viscous limited slip differential.  It’s mechanical, direct, and it’s great.  This car is one of the few that just keeps getting better.  In a world of stiff wannabe race cars, the 2015 Infiniti Q60S takes the high road in providing a fantastic compromise between sport and luxury.  Even with the strange new nomenclature, the 2015 Infiniti Q60S stands out on it’s own.

Vehicle provided by Infiniti.