When the new 2015 Yukon XL arrived in my driveway, I knew it was perfect for one thing: a road trip.  What I didn’t realize is just how comfortable and easy to drive it was during city driving in Miami.  I spent a week doing a lot of driving around and short trips, and the 2015 Yukon XL was always a great companion.

The new-for-2015 Yukon XL has updated styling, a very upgraded interior, and quite a capable power train.  It is powered by the 5.3 liter EcoTec3 direct injection V8 shared with the Silverado, which makes 355hp and an impressive 383 lb ft of torque, which is mated to a six speed automatic transmission.  The most shocking thing to me was just how quick this 7 passenger huge SUV was, and then even more shocking was the fact that I was averaging about 25mpg on the highway.


The interior is very well appointed, with leather stitched materials everywhere.  The heated and cooled bucket seats are quite good for the hot South Florida summers, and long distance comfort is nothing short of amazing.  I drove this truck to Key Largo and back one day, and to Homestead Miami Speedway for an event the next day.  It didn’t skip a beat and always was perfectly comfortable.  Not an ache or pain from a combined 4-5 hours of driving over those two days.  What makes the Yukon XL really amazing is the fact that you can have 7 people in the truck and have room for luggage behind the occupants.  Rear seat headroom and legroom is never an issue, and every one of my passengers commented on just how high quality and comfortable the Yukon XL felt.  The infotainment system works well, the stereo sounds great, and there are plenty of cup holders and storage.

2015 GMC Yukon XL SLT

It’s been a fairly short review but what more can I say?  The 2015 Yukon XL is extremely comfortable, powerful, and great on gas.  It’s an absolutely amazing long distance vehicle.  Cargo, passengers, anything you can throw at it the Yukon XL will take.  With a tow rating of 8100lbs, it can also take even more if you need the space.  At over 18 feet in length, the Yukon XL is more than TWO smart cars long, but even in hectic Miami traffic I rarely wanted for a smaller car.  Parking is easy as well, the turning radius is very good and the included backup camera and parking sensors really do the trick in this department.  If you need a large 7 passenger vehicle, or just want the ultimate road trip SUV, this is it, plain and simple.