I had this behemoth 2015 Ford Expedition for two weeks in Miami traffic with a wedding road trip to Key Largo thrown in.  How does the Expedition handle in congested city and open highway driving?  Is the Ecoboost 3.5 V6 a worthy replacement for the tried-and-true 5.4 Liter Triton V8?  Short answer- What a great truck.

Obviously the first thing to look at with a vehicle of this size is capability: The Expedition EL seats 7 comfortably, with room for a very sizable amount of luggage.  WIth the rear seats folded down (at the push of a button, naturally), the full-size SUV is absolutely cavernous.  I honestly didn’t have enough luggage to really test it, but the Expedition was always ready and willing.  The interior appointments are quite nice.  While not as upscale as it’s stablemate the Navigator, the Expedition Platinum is a well appointed truck, with heated and cooled front seats, great SYNC infotainment system, a good stereo, and comfortable captains chairs, along with an analog speedometer flanked by two customizable digital screens.  The seats are just as comfortable for short stints as they are for several hour road trips.

2015 Ford Expedition

Speaking of comfort, the ride quality is class leading.  The Expedition has independent rear suspension and it definitely shows.  Even with the optional 22″ wheels, the truck is never harsh and always well controlled.  Speaking of the independent rear suspension, it also gives this truck an agility one would not expect from such a large vehicle.  Navigating traffic and obstacles is never even an issue.  It’s one of those few trucks that shrinks around you.  It just feels right, even in a congested urban environment like Miami.

2015 Ford Expedition Platinum Series

The Ecoboost V6 is quite good as well, I averaged 15mpg in the city and 23mpg on the highway.  Torque is really what best describes this engine.  From any RPM, the truck pulls smoothly to redline on a wave of torque.  Passing power is never an issue, and the transmission shifts very smoothly.  I never had so much as a hiccup while driving the Expedition.  Overall, a very good powertrain.

What about competition?  Ford has one major competitor: itself.  The 2015 Ford Expedition Platinum EL as tested is around $61,000, which isn’t far off from the Navigator L model at around $64,000 with the same great Ecoboost V6.  Ford does have lesser Expeditions, but all come with this turbocharged engine.  If this top-end model is any indication, the whole Expedition line deserves a look.  The 2015 Expedition Platinum EL is my pick for best full-size SUV I’ve tested thus far.

Vehicle provided by Ford Motor Company.