Infiniti recently changed it’s naming standards and the venerable G-series sedans are now known as the Q50.  This particular model is a 2014 Q50S sports variant, which is powered by the newest generation of Nissan’s 3.7 liter VQ engine coupled to a 7 speed automatic transmission.  With a new name, does the Q50S continue it’s performance heritage, or does the new name signal the end of the G-series sedan as we know it?

First let’s go over what differentiates the Q50S from its lesser siblings.  While all Q50 models (except the hybrid) have a 328hp 3.7 liter V6 and rear wheel-drive, the S model stands out with 19″ Rays forged wheels, far more aggressive brakes, sports suspension, more aggressively bolstered seats, and magnesium shift paddles on the steering wheel.  While these may sound like trivial additions, the Q50S drives fantastically well.

Let’s start with the engine:  This version of the venerable VQ 37 is a joy.  It’s an absolutely flexible and powerful V6 that always has ample power and torque.  Coupled with the slick shifting 7-speed transmission, this combination is absolutely great.  The steering is sharp and agile, the brakes feel great, and honestly I couldn’t think of a more comfortable and capable package for a daily driven sedan.  Honestly, with the naturally aspirated V6, this car has far more throttle response and feel than any of BMW’s current offerings.  I think Infiniti has managed to make an outstanding sports sedan that driving enthusiasts will love, while still appealing to their significant others.

Thom Browne Re-imagines the Infiniti Q50

Comfort is a big deal when you’re picking out a sports sedan.  This Infiniti has very supportive and comfortable seats, a very well appointed interior, and the magnesium shift paddles look and feel absolutely amazing when shifting.  The instrument cluster is clean and easy to read, and the control are all within easy reach.  The infotainment system, however, is a mixed bag.  On one hand, the Intel powered dual screen unit has mostly non-touch controls so operating it is a breeze.  The only problem is the system is extremely laggy and confusing to operate.  That being said, it’s a blemish on an otherwise fantastic car.

All in all, I enjoyed my week with the Q50S a ton.  It’s a great companion on curvy roads as well as highways.  The engine and transmission are fantastically dynamic and the car is just rewarding and great to drive.  Hopefully Infiniti can fix the infotainment system woes, because this car absolutely deserves it.  This should definitely be on your list for a luxury sports sedan at a very attainable price point.  Now Infiniti should be producing the GTR powered Q50 Eau Rouge, so the ante is going to be upped even more.  Long live the sports sedan!

Q50 Design: An Inheritance of Riches